Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Meghan: Hello all! Welcome to Tolerance!

Kitty: Hope you enjoy this blog with rants, free speech and other amazing, super cool, totally awesome, sweet things like that! =D

M: Thank you for that long line of adjectives Kitty. On this blog we'll be discussing issues such as censorship, book banning and bigotry.

K: We REALLY hope you enjoy this, even if some on posts will be more, uh...profanity-laden... (K: meaning...? M: cursing...-.- K: I see!) ANYWAYS

M: We'll try to be professional most of the time, aside from Rant Mondays!...Which will be Kitty's job. Because who doesn't need a little rant on a Monday?

K: Just pleased be warned that my ranting will contain much cursing and please dont be offended by anything! =)

M: We'll also be doing some interviews of people related to the various topics on this blog, so stay tuned!

K: Until next Time! This is Kitty, signing off! *Feels like a news reporter*

M: We aren't news reporters -.-! Bye for now!


  1. Kitty: Comment!!!
    Meghan: Way to be professional...

  2. hiya :D
    ha..not very much of a comment... >.>

    uhm....-sits here and draws a blank-