Monday, August 10, 2009

Rant Mondays!~


Welcome all to the first ever Rant Mondays! This is Kitty with this week's topic: book Banning.

Yes, a very broad topic, but just to break it down: Why Book Banners suck!

Have you ever waited for days, weeks, or months for an author to come out with the next book in your favourite series? Most people probably have, but what happens when a book banner gets to it first? CHAOS!!!!!!! It would probably go something like this:

1. A deranged mother (A.K.A Book Banner) buys the book before you can buy it first, and reads it.
2. She finishes the book and starts off thinking 'This isn't the best book I've read...And it's a little inappropriate for my Son and/or daughter(s)'
3. She tells her child(ren) they aren't allowed to read the book because it's too "Mature" for them.
4. The child(ren) go and read the book anyway.
5. The deranged mother (A.K.A. Book Banner) finds out and grounds them
6. She then thinks 'If my child(ren) read this book, even though I told them not to, and I thought it was inappropriate, mothers everywhere must think the same thing as I do.'
7. The mother goes and tells her friends how "Horrible" and "Inappropriate" this book is.
8. The friends agree with her.
9. They join an alliance and go and take on the library/book store about the book.
10. There's a big commotion about that one book on the news or somewhere public.
11. Your own mother reads about it and takes the Book Banner's biased side and tells you you aren't allowed to get that book.
12. And you, being the "Wonderful" "Angel" Child, don't get that book, you can't finish your favourite series, and your life then spirals downward, forcing you to go into a depression and your life ends sooner than you wanted to, all because one mother (Or a small herd of Book Banners) didn't like the book, and thought it wasn't appropriate for anyone.

While on the topic of "Inappropriate" books, let's make a list of some books that "Should" Be banner and why. In the eyes of a book banner.

Breaking Dawn. Yes, it 100% sucks! I personally don't like it what so ever, but we aren't going from my point of view, we're going from a book banners view. So, why should Breaking Dawn be banned? Well....
1. "It has sexual content." Oh yes, blanking out before a sex scene is going to mentally scar your children.
2. "It contains violence." Yes, because some invisible force hitting an invisible force Field is perfect for an "M" rated game.
3. "It promotes stalking." There's no sarcastic comment I can really make...That is kind of true...
4. "Pregnancy and marriage at a young age." They're vampires...They have thousands of years to work on their crappy relationSHIT, and fight in front of the little accident they made because vampire sperm is so acidic to latex.
These are all very good reasons to ban Breaking Dawn but do the Book Banner's ban this book? (try saying that sentence ten times fast.) No. Why? "Because it is a international best seller and kids seem to be enjoying it. Even though I've never read it, I don't want to spoil it for other children who might read this book. Instead, let's go read some random book from the young adult not children's section of the library and see what that's like and find stupid reasons to ban that book, that some children will read."

Harry Potter. I love it! I've seen all the movies and read most of the books, so please note I'm talking about the first 5 books, not the sixth or seventh. (Because it isn't right for someone to talk about the "Inappropriate" things in books without actually reading them.)
1. "It promotes witchcraft." .....No shit Sherlock! It's a book of magic! Of wizards and witches! Oh yes, your sooo going to get unicorns and pixies in a book that deals with a magic school.
2. "Descriptive sexual content." Kissing....And Harry talking about it later should be in the porno section of the adult section in a book store.
3. "It's not a good example for our children, who really like the books and the movies. It encourages homosexuality" (Please note! This quote was found on Wikipedia! Found here: And what? If your homophobic, get over it. Don't read it yourself, but don't try and ban it from a PUBLIC LIBRARY just because you don't like the book.
4. "It's extremly violent." Yes, yes it is. But it doesn't really have that much blood or gore, and it isn't very descriptive of how or what the wound looked liked/how bad it was bleeding.
The sad part is, this amazing series is trying to be banned from libraries all the time, no clue why, except for those few reasons...And those are GREAT reasons to ban a good series.

So in conclusion, remember this is rant Mondays, when the professionalism part of my brain goes to the very back of my head and the rantingness comes to the front. Please don't take anything too seriously, because most of these things are sarcastic. Thank you and have a good, fucking day. =D

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