Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Illegal locker?

Well, as our readers know we've been talking a lot about banned books. Well, what do you do when there are books you or your friends want to read, and can't access them at school? Very simple.


Back? Good. Well, some people might think that it's not such a good idea, because you could get in trouble. Heck, I even think that. But it is a good idea for anyone else who would like to read classics, and other very good books like 'Harry Potter' 'Interview With the Vampire' 'The Outsiders' (see my last post) and many, many others.

I personally think it's great if someone has the guts to take a stand and actually do something about banning books. Kudos to her.

Either you agree with that or not, you have got to admit she has guts. So, I leave you with this: No matter who you are, what country you come from, or what race you are from, you deserve the right to any book you wish.

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